The world-renowned tool that enables managers and their team members to make the most of their individual service personalities to maximise their organisation’s service experience.

Hello peacock

So…. you know which animal type you are likely to be. But there’s so much more to it. For a start, by filling out our comprehensive questionnaire you will confirm your animal style and more importantly understand not just the extent to which you are a Peacock but also what your secondary style is. This deeper understanding is essential in order to know how to interact with your customers and colleagues more effectively.

The Benefits

The benefits of Service Animals™ extend beyond
how it can help you as an individual. It is a proven team tool that can improve the way you interact with and support each other and therefore the experience that you give your customers. Most of our clients see an almost immediate improvement in their customer satisfaction.

If you are a team manager, Service Animals™ not only gives you a way to coach and develop your team members more effectively, it can even help you with recruitment, team set-up or rostering etc.

So – be a Panther for a change – and take action now. Join the millions of service professionals around the world who have used Service Animals™ to improve their service.

You can download our Service Animals SignalCX brochure here to learn more about the tool and what the other animals are like. 

Download an Example Individual Report here to get an idea what a personal report would look like. 

And you can also download an Example Team Manager Report here to get an idea about the comprehensive information you would get about your team as a team manager.

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